PS3 Slim Wallmount
Solid Wood Construction

Keeps your PS3 safe from:
kids, spills, dust, drunk people,
roommates, and other threats.


"If you keep your PS3 on the floor, it is just a matter of time until it gets stepped or spilled on or until your kid breaks it. Keeping it inside of a small cubbie in your entertainment center where it will overheat is even worse. Keeping it on top of a shelf is just asking for it to fall down and break. Your PS3 is your best friend, and you should treat it like your best friend."

- Mark teh Pwner
" As soon as our baby girl turned eleven months, she made it her goal to break my PS3 Slim. Her first strategy was to push the eject button, and then pull the disc straight up. After installing the PS3 Wallmount, she has never been able to reach my PS3 again, and there is a lot less clutter under my TV. " " I like the PS3 Wallmount because it is very very solid. I am not worried about it breaking or coming off the wall no matter what. It is also very easy to remove the PS3 if I ever need to. It not only keeps my PS3 in a safe place, but it also allows for excellent ventilation and keeps the wires out of sight." " It is hard to find good quality made in USA products these days, but the PS3 Wallmount is totally one of those products. It is very strong, could probably hold a 200 pound PS3 to the wall with no problem. I was going to paint it to match the wall, but I like the natural wood grain pattern. "
" I bought this to keep my PS3 out of my kid's reach and out of sight, but what I really love is that I do not have to bend over every time I want to swap out a game. The PS3 should come with a wall mount option, but since it doesn't, I suggest buying one of these. " " How often do you see something made in America and made out of solid wood these days? Makes you wonder why so much stuff is made out of plastic and imported from China. How much money is really saved for such a lower quality product? Makes it easy to eject and insert movies, as well. " " I downloaded the instructions off your site and made my own, and it ended up costing me the same amount as the one I bought from you! You are right, it is a lot of work to make your own. "

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